Basic Requirements:

All games on our website will need a few basic requirements in order to run properly. Here is everything you need and all appropriate links to get it in case you need to:


1. For starters, games will require one of the following Operating Systems to be running your computer:


- Windows 2000 or later


- Mac OS X Version 10.4 or later


2. A proper Internet connection. We advise that you use a DSL, Cable Modem or LAN connections other than Wi-Fi, since those are less likely to break and cause you to lose connection to our servers, allowing you to have fun with no step backs.


3. A browser that will allow you to access the web:


- Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (Download latest version here:


- Firefox 2 or later (Download latest version here:


- Safari 3 or later (Download latest version here:


- Google Chrome 6.0 or later (Download latest version here:


* Note: On any browser, you must have java-script enabled and cookies turned on. These settings are usually by default in all browsers, but you might need to enable them in case they are not.


4. Last but not least, our games require certain plug-ins to be installed on your computer in order to operate. If you don’t have them on your computer, the games will most likely not work.


Most Miniclip games require Adobe Flash 11.5, while some 3D games require Adobe Shockwave. A smaller number of our games will need the Unity Web Player. More demanding 3D games will also require the Windows DirectX software. If you are having problems with a newly released game you may need to upgrade to the latest version of these plug-ins.


Learn how to get them below:


Adobe Flash:


Adobe Shockwave:


Unity Web Player:


Windows DirectX:


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